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Jennifer Kranz will star as Jolene Oakes in Musical Theatre West's upcoming production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"!

RGVS Alumnus Nic Rouleau stars as Elder Price in Broadway's smash hit The Book of Mormon

Courtney Farren wins Best Performance at West Coast Songwriters' Palo Alto Open Mic!

FatMagic's Radina Tara Vel releases new single!


Spotlight on Alanna

Alanna McNaughton, 14
High School Freshman
RGVS student since January 2010

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"Singing in a recording studio and preparing to sing in a recording studio is an extremely different experience from just singing live or with my teacher. I learned so much about the process that I will (hopefully) find it useful in the future, and I had a lot of fun. "

When we first started working, she had a definitive break in her voice and more of a whispery/breathy tone in her head voice. As she's matured and continued to put in real effort in her technique, that break has really smoothed into a nice transition between her natural chest and head registers. 'Bring Me To Life' really showcases what she's able to do on those in-between notes that so many singers struggle with!

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