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Our 2017 Showcase Students are: Marlowe, Silvia, Leah, Shravanti, Serena, Noor, Kayla, Sahiti, Adam & Connor! Get your tickets here!

Jennifer Kranz will star as Jolene Oakes in Musical Theatre West's upcoming production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"!

RGVS Alumnus Nic Rouleau stars as Elder Price in Broadway's smash hit The Book of Mormon

Courtney Farren wins Best Performance at West Coast Songwriters' Palo Alto Open Mic!

FatMagic's Radina Tara Vel releases new single!


Spotlight on Chris

Chris Anthony, 21
RGVS student since September 2010

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"I really appreciated being selected for the showcase. The Annex and Russell were very professional and I liked being in such a nice studio. Thanks again for the opportunity!"

Chris opened his mouth to sing at his first lesson and visions of Michael Jackson came to mind immediately. He had the right amount of style and swagger, but he really struggled with running out of air. His low and higher range were almost inexistent. By establishing and strengthening his chest voice we were able to connect him into his mix and high range, giving him not just a much wider range and overall power, but also getting rid of his air problems. The range of his showcase song was completely inaccessible to him 8 months ago. We continue to work on the power and delivery of his highest range.

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