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Spotlight on Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Tom, 9
3rd Grader
RGVS student since August 2008

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"I loved and had lots of fun going to The Annex. When I first found out, I was excited. I worked hard on the song. When it was time to go, I reserved my voice. I prepared my song by practicing at home and watching other people sing my song on YouTube. I also practiced at school. I practiced at home by just singing my song cold and by warming up. I usually listened to the previous week's lesson. At The Annex, I had a lot of fun. I warmed up in the car and when I got there, I sang my song cold. Of course, I had to measure my distance from the mic by fingers. I listened to Rocío through the headphones and talked to Rocío and Russell through the mic. My two favorite parts of being chosen and recording it was the mic and just being chosen. When I was chosen, I had gotten a lot of congrats. I felt like a professional singer with the mic and the headphones, because in movies, I watch special features and see that they sing through a mic and have headphones. I'm still really glad that I was chosen and can't wait to receive the CD."

Kaitlyn is a very talented young girl whose mother tried hard to find a teacher who would accept a student that young. We absolutely love working with young kids, and Kaitlyn simply blew our minds during her first lesson with her innate ability to project and emote a song. She had a bit of trouble getting into the higher notes, but she understood very quickly how to tap into her upper range and sing in it with confidence. While she continues to develop her highest notes and her vibrato, we are having a blast working with this incredibly focused and wonderful young girl!!

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