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Jennifer Kranz will star as Jolene Oakes in Musical Theatre West's upcoming production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"!

RGVS Alumnus Nic Rouleau stars as Elder Price in Broadway's smash hit The Book of Mormon

Courtney Farren wins Best Performance at West Coast Songwriters' Palo Alto Open Mic!

FatMagic's Radina Tara Vel releases new single!


Spotlight on Nicole

Nicole Wolf, 15
9th Grade
RGVS student since January 2008

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"This was my first time ever recording a song and since I was a little girl I've dreamed about getting to sing a studio with the kicka** headphones. Training with Rocío gave me this amazing opportunity and she made is an experience I know I'll never forget. Of course, preparing a song like 'Big Girls Don't Cry' was tedious and at times frustrating; but, it was from this experience I learned that you get what you give. I learned so much about myself, my voice, all about how to record and I'm so happy that Rocío picked me for the showcase. The Annex was a such a cool place to record because the engineers were so helpful and kind and they made it a great environment. The whole process wasn't an easy one, but I loved every moment of the struggle. I put so much of myself into this song, I just hope that when people listen to it, they'll feel as much a part of the story as I do when I sing it. Hopefully one day, I'll be back recording my own songs and get to be a part of the excitement of making music."

Nicole came to us after studying with a Classical instructor for a while. She felt she was able to sing Arias quite well, but didn't have the power or stamina to sing Pop, which is what she likes to sing. Her airy Soprano turned into a powerful Pop voice so quickly that just 2 months after beginning her training with us she landed the part of Gabriella at Peninsula Youth Theatre's production of "High School Musical", her first lead role. We are sure she'll get many more leads!

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